Home Playstation Forum What is the current price of a ps3 in india(sept 09)?

What is the current price of a ps3 in india(sept 09)?


I want 2 buy a ps3 but im not sure bout the cost.please someone tell me.

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  1. You can expect the PS3 Slim to hit retail shelves in India in November, for around the same price as the current 80GB ‘Fat PS3’, which received a price cut to now retail at Rs 19,990. However, while the Fat PS3 also comes bundled with two games (Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and GT5 Prologue), the PS3 Slim will carry no such packaged titles.

  2. current ps3 price is 19990 mrp. we will give you for 18500 with 2 full games with bill with sony india warranty card (one year warranty)

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  3. It will not cost more that Rs.10000 or may be less. Just find in your local store you will surely get something for that price.

  4. the ps3 80 gb costs rs 19990

    it comes with two games(uncharted:drake’s fortune and gt5 prologue)

    the ps3 slim will be released in india in november

    it will cost approximately rs20000

    it will have no free games and no backwards compatibility with ps2

    however it will have 120gb hard drive

  5. its 23,000 rs INDIA has not yet got the slim ps3 which is only about 15000 rs in the U.S and one more thing ignore that guy above me he told u the ps2 cost but not the ps3 s

  6. Just heard it is reduced to Rs. 19000. was Rs. 28000 when i bought long back. The reduction is because of new slim PS3 is coming in market.

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