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what is the difference between the xbox 360 arcade.and the x box 360?


all i want it for is basic game play, not botherd about 360 live or whatever it is lol.whats the point of the hardrive for it.does it effect game play if you dont have one.sorry i am totally stupid when it comes to these things lol

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  1. Arcade 256mb. PRO 20gb hard drive , ELITE 120 gb hardrive. Personaly I would get the PRO plenty of storage unless you want to download a ton of stuff.Best bang for yor buck!!

  2. they are the same, but the regular xbox has a silver disc tray and the arcade has a white one. i personally prefer the silver one. also, the normal xbox bundle comes with a 20 gig harddrive, headset, wireless controller, and ethernet cable. it is a much better deal considering if you bought the arcade and a harddrive seperate, it would be more than the regular cost of the regular xbox bundle

  3. The arcade has very small storage capacity – 256mb – also doesnt come with Headset and ethernet Cable.

    The next one up comes with a 20gb harddrive and Headset and Cable.

    Then the Elite comes with 120gb hardrive

    * edit * I bought the Pro – with 20gb hardrive – Harddrive comes in handy for saving games, and storing downloaded content – like the extra missions etc. promised for GTA4 – I also think the Pro is the best value package – only 40 quid more than the basic Arcade version.

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