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What motorcycle racing game should I get?


I am looking for something new. What’s the best motorcycle racing game? I am taking suggestion for both MotoGp/Street bikes and Off-road bikes. I am going to be getting a Ps3 soon I hope “waiting for a fully-functional one like the 60Gb”. So I would really like one that has a good online function.

I would love a MotoGp one but I don’t know how they set the game up. Can you pick not only present season bikes but past seasons as well? And can you mod the bikes?

I think I will buy more than one. So maybe One with MotoGp, One with lots of production bikes and One off-road.

So, what ones do you suggest?

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  1. i think that you should get the motogp game. But that game is not as good as the old game “freekstyle.” BEST GAME IN THE WORLD!

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