Home Playstation Forum What should i buy a ps3 or ps4?:(?

What should i buy a ps3 or ps4?:(?


see i have no problem of money.SECOND i am going to a ps3 or a ps4 from america not from INDIA.

THE ONLY PROBLEM is that i dont not have any of these console now i want to buy one because i want to paly games like god of war 3 and ascension and uncharted 1,2,3 and other ps3 games.so i want to ask u that would ps3 games like listed above be able to work on ps4. second problem is that if a buy a ps3 would the upcoming games ( games which will come after a year or so) work on ps3 or only on ps4.plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help meeeeeee i am in “DHARAMSANAT”

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  1. The discs of those wont work but you maybe be able to digitaly doqnload them on ps4 sometime in the future. If money isnt a problem and you wont those games, go for a ps3. Its still a good console and it will last a long time. Then after ps4 has been out for a while you should get it. Also i wouldnt grt uncharted 1. Personally 2 is the best for me and then 3 is ok but 1 is pretty bad until the end. Good luck.

  2. man i think u should go for a ps4. I live in India and i will also buy it. U know after sometime sony will make ps3 games available for ps4 just like they are doing right now with ps3 that u can play ps2 games by downloading them. SO i think u should go for ps4 becoz if u go for ps3 one year later u will be outdated one especially in usa

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