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What should I buy Modern warfare 2 or Bad Company 2?


i know mw2 has been out for a long time but i havent had time to really buy any games and im not a total fps freak so thats why i havent gotten it i just want to know which one i should buy something similar to mag resistance killzone and half life since they are the only fps’s i like ohh and i have a ps3

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  1. (wiki) MW2 all the way:

    Modern Warfare 2 has received highly positive reviews from various gaming websites, attaining a 94% aggregate score on Metacritic, with praise stemming primarily from its in-depth multiplayer component. Upon its release, the game sold approximately 4.7 million copies worldwide in 24 hours.[17] On March 16, 2010, Activision confirmed that the game had sold over 14 million copies worldwide, making it the second best-selling game of all time in the UK,[18] and third best-selling game of all time in the U.S.[19]

    imilar to previous installments within the Call of Duty series, the player assumes the role of various characters during the single-player campaign, changing perspectives throughout the progression of the story, playing as “Soap”, Roach, etc.

    Each mission features a series of objectives that are displayed on the HUD, which marks the direction and distance towards and from such objectives. Tasks vary in their requirements, having the player arrive at a particular checkpoint, eliminate enemies in a specified location, stand his/her ground to defend an objective, or plant explosive charges on an enemy installation. The player is accompanied by friendly troops who cannot be issued orders or harm you but you can have friendly fire and restart the mission. Laptop computers that contain enemy intelligence appear throughout the campaign and may be collected to unlock several game bonuses.

    The online multiplayer mode of Modern Warfare 2 retains the same experience points and unlockable reward system as that of Call of Duty 4, with game modes that include Free-For-All, Search & Destroy, Demolition, Sabotage, Domination, Team Deathmatch, and Capture The Flag.[23] However, Modern Warfare 2 introduces several new features. Aside from new weapons, equipment, and perks that upgrade to “pro versions” after meeting utilization requirements,[24] 15 different kill streak rewards can be unlocked and selected by the player. Among these is the ability to receive a supply drop after achieving four kills in a row, order a Predator missile strike after five kills, and call in an AC-130 gunship to strike from the sky after 11 kills.[25] Players can also gain a tactical nuke if they obtain a 25 kill streak. The nuke will blow up the whole map and achieve victory in a match for the player or team that called in the nuke regardless of whether the team was winning or losing at the time the nuke was called in. Another new feature is the in-game host migration; if a match host leaves the game, or if the host struggles to support the game, a ‘host migration delay’ allows a new host to be selected and the game to continue on.[26][27] There is also the addition of an optional third person mode which can be used in certain game types.[28]

    In the Xbox 360 version of the game, the party chat system is disabled while the player is playing online in certain playlist types. This decision, designed to promote cooperation amongst team members, has caused some controversy within the Xbox Live community.

    The offline (splitscreen and LAN) multiplayer mode still retains the experience and rewards system found online, a first for the series since the system was introduced. However, the rewards are separate from those that may be earned while playing online.

    On April 8, Steam hosted a Modern Warfare 2 free weekend for the multiplayer portion of the game.

    For the PC version, Infinity Ward has decided to implement a new matchmaking service: IWNET working through Steam. This system is nearly identical to the console version of IWNET. Dedicated server support is removed, eliminating the ability for mods or user-created maps to be incorporated. This removal has created anger among many PC gamers. Since the multiplayer aspect runs within Steamworks, the PunkBuster anti-cheat system utilized in previous titles has been replaced by Valve Anti-Cheat.[29] In addition, the PC version shares the same 18-player cap as the console versions (matches are a maximum of 9 versus 9).[30]

    According to preliminary sales figures from Activision, Modern Warfare 2 sold approximately 4.7 million units in both the United States and the UK in the first 24 hours of its release. The total revenue from first day sales in the U.S. and the UK was $310 million, making Modern Warfare 2 the biggest entertainment launch in history, surpassing (in revenue) its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto IV,[83][84] as well as items from other media types.[85][86] After five days of sales, the game had earned revenue figures of $550 million worldwide.[87] As of January 18, 2010, it has taken over $1 billion in sales.[88]

    Activision also claims that Modern Warfare 2 had 8 million players online within the first five days, constituting the largest ‘army’ of players in the world.[89] On March 8 2010, Robert Bowling announced that the game had amassed 25 million unique players.[90]

    According to the NPD Group, Modern Warfare 2 sold approximately 4.2 mi

  2. dont buy either. mw2s all about campers and commandos ( people who wont die even if u empty ur whole gun on them yet they will dash and stab u ). bad company 2 is also not too great. get god of war 3. its the best ps3 game released.

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