Home Xbox Forum What should i buy xbox 360 or ipod touch?

What should i buy xbox 360 or ipod touch?


i’m really confused which should i buy

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  1. XBOX 360.you could do way more things.specially if you have internet and you hit it up to it.it never gets old ipod does you could put all your music on your xbox and listen to it while you play if you have just and ipod you can hook it up to it.i have a ippod i hook up to it but i have all my music on my xbox and you can play with people and i reccomend you get GEARS OF WAR 2 the sickest game also SAINTS ROW 2 start off with THOSE games.hope i helped i wud not trade my xbox for an ipod touch so thats why i say also to get an XBOX 360

  2. I have a idea!! Do pros and cons. Pros and cons on the i pod and pros and cons on the x box 360. And then see which one has the most pros. (oh yeah and pros are good things and cons are the bad things) that is a really good idea. It is what I do when I am stuck on a decision like that. It will work out in the end. You can also google and see which one is better at performance. Or you can do a survey online asking which one is the best at performance and which one will be worth the money.

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