Home Playstation Forum what will be better project natal or the ps3’s motion controller?

what will be better project natal or the ps3’s motion controller?


i don’t know which one to buy when they come out

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  1. Well Sony actually demonstrated their motion controller whilst Microsoft faked theirs.

    Microsoft don’t have any reputation for innovation, but have an established reputation for under delivering.

    Peter Molyneux is famous for promising things that fail to arrive in the final product (head of Microsoft Game Studios Europe, and champion of Project Natal).

    My call will be that the PS3 solution will be much better.

  2. Dude. Natal. And thats coming from a die-hard Playstation fan. Seriously. I once read a book, I believe the name was Eager, and it was about a robot or something. In that book (it was the future mind you) they more or less had Natal, but a 3D projection thingy version. Natal will either be the greatest piece of technology on the market, or be a total flop. Like, eyetoy bad. And that was BAD. [url is not allowed] Just. check it out.

  3. Project natal seems cooler in it’s own way because you need no remote of any sort and the playstation wand looks really cool with the things you can do with it.

    To be honest though I won’t be getting either because I believe true gaming is with a controller gripped in your hands and loafing on a couch

  4. Both are still in development, so we don’t really know for sure what the full capabilities will be of either. However, so far, the Motion Controller seems to be easier to use and appears to be more flexible with compatibility for older PS3 games.

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