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What xbox 360 accesseries should i get?


What accesseries should i get? I dont like driving so i dont need the steering wheel. Mabye the text pad? but i think u can use a regular usb keyboard. I dont need the charger or points or live subsription. I have a headset, hard drive, camera, and i dont want any face plates or remote controllers.

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  1. There aren’t any useful accessories right now accept for the controllers and the text pad is for those who haven’t gone through puberty and don’t want to chat with pros with a headset.

  2. you need to be a total idiot not to get an xbl subscription (its sooooo fun). ill tell u what not to get. the wifi adapter.[url is not allowed].

    not the wheel, not the hard drive (unless u have no hard drive (only on arcade versions)) heradset, controllers, and XBL are all u need. and a hard drive 20 gig is more than enough.

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