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Whats better Xbox 360 or PS3?


You see I have a Wii already but I’m looking for something different and I’m having some trouble deciding between Xbox 360 and a PS3 so could I get some help.

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  1. i use this for all questions like this, so it may not suit your question perfectly, but.

    this is all my opinion, so.

    the 360 doens’t have too many games that appeal to me that are exclusives. Dead Rising i didn’t really care for; Halo never a big fan, seemed like an average shooter game to me; Mass Effect seems kinda cool, but it’s not a game that makes me wanna run out and buy for my brothers 360; Gears of War is the only game i really liked, but it was kinda short and, to me, doesn’t really have much replay value and the hardest mode was pretty cool. All the multiplatform games are really the only games that i look forward to on that system.

    PS3 has the exclusives that appeal to me; such as, Lair, Killzone 2, FFXIII and Versus, MGS, White Knight Story, Warhawk, Kingdom Hearts III, GOW III, and Heavenly Sword are a couple. The multiplatfrom games are cool Assassins Creed, Call to Duty 4, Army of Two, Kane & Lynch, DMC 3, The Last Remnants and a few others are cool and I will get those for my ps3. Plus it can play all my other ps games, so I can finish playing those as those games come out.

    All this is completely my opinion, so this only appeals to people with similiar taste in games and genres.

    So to answer your question the 360 is better right now since it has a good sized amount of available games, while the ps3 only a has a few. But the future games to come out will be much better for sony, since the games that are coming soon are the big dogs for that console. As for graphics, most multiplatform games tend to look better on the 360 and it’s kinda obvious since the 360 has been out longer than the PS3 so companies are familiar with that system. So for sony to get games that look better (Lair) than the majority of other 360 games now is pretty good, plus it’s a more advanced system with blu-ray discs that hold more data. The online community i don’t really care for, so xbox live and home don’t really matter to me. if you do like that, then you get free internet with sony. the ps3 remote will be getting the rumble feature back also

  2. 360 currently has a ton of not so good games out and is cheaper.

    PS3 will have alot of good games in a couple months but has hardly any games out currently and is more expensive. It also has free online.

    .I bought a Wii

  3. PS3

    It has blue-ray, the six-axis controller, 7 core processors (which has never been done before in gaming systems or computers), and free online gameplay.

    What does 360 have? Good Graphics? lol.

    The 2nd price drop for the PS3 will be later this month. You will be able to get a 20 gig for $350, 60 gig for $400, and the 80 gig for $500

    I plan on getting a 60 gig so that i will have all the features and then upgrade to 200 gigs (PS3 takes a standard laptop hard drive)

  4. Well, It all depends on what type of gamer you are. Right now I have a ps3 and I LOOOOVE IT!! Both are good though, but I think the PS3 is the bigger bang for your buck.

    Here is my recommendation:

    If you want a multimedia console that has online(gaming, movie downloads, etc) overall focus on intense gaming (like mature and teen games), and great exclusives(ex: Gears of War, Halo 3, Tenchu Z, etc): Then get the Xbox 360

    Some Xbox 360s have hardware problems. My friend is on his 3rd Xbox 360 (red rings of death), which he bought his first one at launch. But also my one friend who recieved his last Christmas hasn’t had any problems. Microsoft now gives a 3 year warrenty, so just incase it does happen your going to be protected for a while.

    If you want a multimedia console that has FREEE online, is well balanced with all types of games, good exclusives as well (Heavenly Sword, Lair, Ninja Gaiden:Sigma, Little Big Planet, Resistance etc) and many other features like Web Browsing and PS3 Home: Then get the PS3

    Ps3 doesnt have rumble in the controllers though, which is one part I hate about it. Around christmas rumble controllers will be released though.

    I like the PS3 because it comes with wifi, blue-ray, 60gb, and rechargeable controllers. Also if you wanted this same amount of power (except for more gigs) on your xbox 360 elite ($479) it would cost around $846.98 total for the wifi ($99), HD-Player( $179), 1 year of XBOX live ($50), Charge Kit ($20)

    This would save you around 380 bucks

    PS3 Price: (estimated cost around $550 with hdmi chord)

    Plus: Microsoft only allows the 360 to be compatible with Microsoft equipment (ex: hardrive and headset) So if you like wanted to upgrade you ps3 or buy a mic, you could go to ebay and find one really cheap. I found a mic for 4 bucks and have found 120gb hardrives on ebay for around 100 bucks, still making it cheaper than the 360. But then again you might not use these extras, so you might wanna go for the wii or xbox 360 since of the price difference.

    Many people also compare the PS3 to the Xbox 360 and say that the Xbox 360 is better based on present facts. DUHH! The 360 has been out a year longer than the PS3. The PS3 hasn’t even been out for very long to release all these great games and present all of its great features. By christmas the PS3 will have great games, along PS3 Home, and xbox 360 will only have the overated Halo 3. Dont get me wrong, Halo is a great series, but it is just overated.

    Again like I said, it all revolves around what you like and what you can afford. If you can afford anyone of the consoles and like anything, then I would go for the PS3.

    PS: Also all these next gen systems will be good in the long run. They will last for around 10 years. So saving up for the PS3 is the wisest choice. The PS3 will get tons of exclusives by christmas (Lair, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, The Getaway 3, White Knight Story, Afrika, Tekken 6, etc) and many of these exclusives are new unlike previous exclusives like the Metal Gear Solid series.

    Go for the ps3, its the way to go if you cant between both. Yes, the 360 is a good console, but the ps3 is more superior and will be better in the long run.

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