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When is the next thing from microsoft coming out?


I am looking to buy an xbox 360 once i get the money. But the question is: when is the next level of xbox (or a new system) coming out? If it is somewhat soon then i may wait until it comes out so the 360’s price drops a lot.

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  1. The current generation of gaming consoles (Xbox 360 included) is predicted to be the longest lasting generation ever. There have been no announcements for the next Microsoft system, and there probably won’t be any announcements made until 2012 or later. And the newest version of the Xbox 360, called the Xbox 360-S (or “Xbox Slim”) just came out a few months ago, fixing many of the technical issues that the original Xbox had, so I doubt there will be anything new any time soon.

  2. As pointed out already this generation will be out for a while. The reason why is Microsoft and Sony have both decided that their systems should be DLC only, due to disc media dying out, and profit margins on DLC being much higher, the problem is current internet infrastructure is not yet to the point of supporting download sizes required for the next generation of games.

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