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When will psn be back on?


Its may5th and still not on. They said this week but this week is coming to an end. Any info would be appreciated

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  1. They said this week but i dont believe i read a story recently that they got hacked again. i feel your pain.

  2. Well they recently told me and the other Gamespot employees that it will never be back online. It has taken so long they are thinking about shutting down PSN.

  3. the last thing they posted on there blog said stuff about SONY talking to the US house of representatives. that was yesturday. but they didn’t talk about the network.

  4. you know what! Sony said may 4 and yet no PSN now its may 5 and still no PSN.you have to be patient and just wait like the rest of the world.ima PS3 gamer but Sony is losing me ATM.cause there so call updates dint tell us nothing

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