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Where can I get my Xbox 360 chipped?


Hello all, I have been told that you can get an Xbox chipped so you can play backed up games on your xbox.

I have both xbox elite and Xbox slim, is there anywhere in the South Wales, United Kingdom and also how much would this cost?

Thanks in advance Mike

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  1. Considering that a 250GB xbox 360 is normally $299, you are getting a pretty good deal when they throw in Forza 4 and a wireless racing controller. Dad and I played this past weekend and he loved it. The graphics on the game are a big improvement on Forza 2, the xbox is very quiet in comparison to my old 360, and I really like the wireless racing controller. I am actually thinking about switching my xbox with his


  2. Xbox 360 Console is really good deal. With this bundle you get about $120 worth of free merchandise. I am super happy with my purchase! 😀

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