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Which 1 should I get?


I need toake a decision about getting a 60GB PS3 now or getting a MGS4 bundle in June PS May 5th is my birthday so I need to know ASAP

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  1. If you can get a 60 GB get it now. It’s the only version that is completely backwards compatible (99%). You can purchase MSG4 and other accessories separately but the 60 gig is tough to get and sells for more than retail on Ebay. If you can buy one brand new, stick it on ebay and you’ll make enough to buy the bundle plus a couple games.

    If you misspoke and meant 40 or 80 gig then go with the bundle.

  2. well i would suggest getting the bundle only because your not only getting the game your also getting the rumble controller if you like that and the only thing your losing is the space which you can always upgrade later if you have to. keep your ps2 console and play your ps2 on your ps2 and you won’t have any problems i got the 60 gig but only because i got mine when it came out back in jan.:D congrats on getting a ps3 btw!!

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