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which game should i buy for my PS3?


burnout paradise, or infamous

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  1. Amazon is offering HOME Costumes (similar to Killzone2) as a pre-order bonus. Along w/ that all retailers are offering access to Uncharted 2 Multi-player Beta if you Buy

    * Infamous *! 😀

    So just make sure you buy Infamous from Amazon! And remember even if you don’t want the HOME Costumes for Infamous, you can sell them on ebay for mega bucks! 😛

    * Remember too, that “Infamous” is a PS3 Exclusive, so the engine was designed specifically for Cell BE and the RSX!

  2. there totally different games one is racing and the other is fighting it depends on what you like more or you can always get both

  3. Burnout Paradise, and InFamous are a very good looking game. But I think Burnout:Paradise is more complete game because it has multiplayer. Is your decision! Good luck

  4. inFamous is the one burnout is good but it won’t be as good as inFamous i mean Electricity in a sandbox games means victory

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