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Which is better Xbox or PS3?


Ive always been Pro Xbox and have pretty much hated Sony from day one.My main reason these days for never willing to give PS3 a chance.Is because of all the hacker problems the ps3 network has recently had.Whats all of your opinions? Do you still trust and feel loyal to ps3? Or are you thinking about jumping ship to Xbox?

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  1. I have both consoles and I prefer the Xbox 360. I use my xbox for online/social gaming and I use the PS3 mainly for exclusives like Infamous.

  2. I’m pi$$ed at sony. My ps3 got the ylod. My friend’s ps3’s blu ray took a dookie. Psn got hacked. I could go on forever with my complaints. Im going to end up converting to xbox. Sony can collapse for all i care now. At first they were reliable, but 5 years later thats all changed. Microsoft ftw!

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