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Which one, Ps3 or computer?


Which one should i get, a ps3 or a computer?

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  1. Depends what for. If you plan to play games all the time – PS3 (it’s the best thing for next-gen gaming). But if you want to draw, make music, calculations, web-design and so on – PS is for you.

  2. PS3. Computers upgrade all the time, at least with a ps3 you know it wont be outdated any time soon. Plus, a lot of games on pc are available for ps3.

  3. Get a PS3. For one thing, it will be easier to organize photos, music, and movies. plus, the Blu-ray Disc player will come in handy too. And, you can also install another Operating system on the PS3.

  4. Go for the computer! You can do so much more with a computer. But it all depends. If your computer is old and slow, then YES a computer. If your computer is still pretty new, then. I maybe go for the PS3. If you do get a computer, you can consider the HP – TouchSmart All-In-One TV Desktop, or one of those all in one computers. I think they’re pretty good, and saves a ton of space.

    Here’s the link to some of these computers: [url is not allowed]

    They’re a little pricer than the traditional desktops, but in my opinion they’re worth it.

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