Home Xbox Forum Which one should i buy?.xbox 360 E or S?

Which one should i buy?.xbox 360 E or S?


Guys im getting an xbox tomorrow and i wanna know whih one is better.tell me what i dont know.i know that the E is wee bit smaller and also wee quiter but is there anything to differ rather than the appearance?.

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  1. The major differences between the 2 are simply design. Same specs, play the same games, etc. So simply cause its newer, get the E.

  2. Personally, I would recommend you go with the E, like I did. The E model is newer, a tiny bit smaller than the Slim, quiet as all get out, and it got rid of those awful touch sensitive buttons that the Slim had (now they are actual buttons you have to press, rather than anything brushing past them to turn the system off or eject the disk).

    I think the previous person is talking about the original Elite models, rather than the newest E model that is made to look somewhat like the new One in terms of that boxy shape.

  3. The Slim has one more USB port and it has a hook in for audio output systems. I have the E (yes the new E, not the elite) and it can't play games near as good as my 2 year old Slim. The E is basically a rip off considering you pay more for less. They can both have the same hard drives. The E is heavier than The Slim. The only thing the E has on the Slim is that it can play games quieter than the Slim. I would go with the Slim if I were you. I have them both and prefer my Slim over my E.

  4. You should definitely get the Slim. The elite is very outdated and has less gigs in it. The newer games have up to two discs. You are going to need a high amount of gigabytes. Hope this helps. Have a swag afternoon.

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