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Which ps3 game should I buy of these three?


I’m buying a ps3 this week and I want to buy either The walking dead, The Last of Us, or Two souls: beyond first. Which game should i buy?

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  1. well I recommend checking this link where you can buy and number of games. Its from amazon

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  2. TLOU and TWD are very similar. It just depends on whether you prefer more action-oriented or more laid-back gameplay. Both games are brilliant, and are guaranteed to make you cry.

    Stay away from Beyond for the moment. It’s decent, but it’s definitely not a masterpiece like the other two.

  3. TWD, as good as story is there is not much with gameplay. Last of us, for sure. It has the emotion of TWD story but with good gameplay and storytelling and has some deep messages and meaning Its too awesome to ignore, def would recommend it before TWD. Beyond Two souls is ok, I would rent it

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