Home Playstation Forum which Sony Playstation to buy: PS2 or PS2-Slim?

which Sony Playstation to buy: PS2 or PS2-Slim?


Hi Guyz.any body out there who can resolve my question and get me outta this fix am in.?

am plannin to buy a PS2 for quite some time and i have been browsing and exploring various forums and websites, but each one complicates more than other.

Please advise me on the pro’s and con’s of both the models viz: PS2 and PS2-Slim and if there is any geek, a pro in these then please advise me of the model i should really go for and should not regret further.

Thanks all.

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  1. lol ps2 phat production has been stopped in 2004,only ps2 slim is available now whose production will mostly be stopped in 2012.

    If u are from india or something saying buy ps3 xbox360 etc will be utter foolishness as these cost twice the price that in u.s

    Buy modded ps2 slim used (get it from ebay) or any way get a chip modded ps2 coz original games are not available.and modded one plays downloaded games on dvd or pirated games.

  2. The PS2 is the still best product and for 99us you cant go wrong. The graphics that this console can produce is amazing. NOTE THAT GRAPHICS WILL LOOK BETTER OR WORST DEPENDING ON TV SIZE, TV FILTER AND TYPE. I would recommend you an S-Video or Component for TV larger than 21 inches. The standard composite jack works fine it your TV and a good tube filter and color.

  3. what u guys on? the ps2 is already dead, i have both ps2 and ps3 and i always just play ps3, oh and slim ps2 better

  4. The PS2 Slim has less problems than the PS2 Fatboy. However, both consoles will run for a really long time provided you are buying them brand new (good luck finding a Fatboy in that regard), so you really can’t go wrong with either.

  5. I hope you know we are in 2011 – I just mean that PS2 is outdated, just get a PS3 or an Xbox 360. And if you really want a PS2, then get the slimline, as its much quieter and consumes much less power than the orignal FAT models.

  6. If you’re talking about the PS2, get the slim, if you’re talking about the the PS3, get the slim also. The reasons for this are:

    1 less power consumption, saves energy, lowers your bill, and increases performance

    2 both are so much smaller

    3 both are quieter

    4 the tech in them is all newer than the normal versions of the consoles

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