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Which system should I get? PS3, Xbox360 or Nintendo Wii?


I’m looking forward to buying one of these systems soon. Which system is more worth its price? Which system in your opinion is more fun? Which system might we see a price drop soon and what time? Thanks!

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  1. This should help you alot!Honestly:Well if your thinking about graphics than Wii is out of the picture

    My favourite is PS3

    Just look at the sharp points of each system:



    Really good graphics

    Really Good online

    Not that expensive

    cool features coming out

    lots of good game


    online isnt free

    not enough disc space to make a really big game(GTA 4 was gonna be bigger though 360 doesnt have enuf memory on its disc)

    HD dvd is pointless

    They overheat and break easily though

    In one or more version it isnt even hd(lol?)also it goes at max of 1080i and upscales to 720p & 1080p




    on blu-ray

    The blu-player is built in(360 HD isnt free its over 50$ + HD is dead!)

    Amazing 1080p graphics


    more of the features are free

    lots of good games such as MGS4(and exclusives)



    Online isnt good as 360

    games take long to develop




    Controls CAN BE fun



    Honestly the Wii graphics are below normal(no offence)

    HORRIBLE ONLINE and barely any games have online

    not that much good games coming out

    games get watered down

    Not a descent roster of games

    Overall I think:

    Though 360 is doing best

    PS3 has by far the brightest future

    The Wii has the best controls

    PS3 has the best graphics

    360 has the best online

    Though the wii doesnt have that much good games coming out and the amount of good games coming out is less

    go on gamespot and check how much 9.0’s wii games got

    and check PS3 and 360 also

    And the next console is probably coming out somewhere late 2011-2012(early to mid)The PS3 now has just has just as almost good games as 360 compared to 360(Remember the one year more)

    So overall you decide what you want

    Have Wii and PS3 and played 360 alot and comman sense on 360

  2. nah my opinion.the ps3.yah right wen u hear that the first thing u think of is OMFG THE PRICE IS SO UBER! but trust me just get it its so worth it.cool games.online is free unlike xbox and i think the wii.it has blue ray.can play movies.ps2-3 games.and in general is just better.plus in the futer.the xbox and the wii will be out but the ps3 will still be cool.plus u can be muh frend =D lol jk. butyah thats just my opinion.and just think.forget about the price its basicly like this.

    XBOX360==== CHEAP + monthly payment for online.

    PS3======= A LITTLE MORE EXPENSIVE + no online fee

    so basicly its like the xbox but ur paying all ur onlineness (lol) in one price rather than monthly. so yah hope that helped.or maybe u allready took this dudes advice and got the wii O.o but yah. peace

  3. You get a lot more bang for your buck with a PS3. Built in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, free Online. its ready right out of the box to replace everything and anything you have as your media center.

    Its uber cool man!

  4. First off, do you have a High Definition television set,if you don’t then it wont be wise to buy a Ps3, because mainly the ps3 is built for HD game-play. I would ask your friends to give you some advice if they do have the systems and see what they think about it and how the game-play is.

    I have a xbox 360 it has given me some problems, but it has been handled very good with the reps at Microsoft, i have fun with the system and play it when i get home and play halo 3, Call duty 4,Guitar hero 3 and many more, but it is mainly up to you, i have tons of fun with it almost everybody has fun when playing it in my house, even my parents play some games such as centipede, pacman, and the arcade games, demos and a lot more.

    i dont really know that much about the Ps3 but ask people that have it and they will tell you.

    This question is probably the hardest questions to ask due to so many people liking and dislike a certain system and if they are also a fan of one or another.

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