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Which xbox game/add-on to get and why?


I am debating between several xbox 360 games, but idk which one to settle on. I can only get one.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Vengeance OR Uprising. I am master prestige and have logged over 40 days of gameplay time on the game, i only still play it because ghosts sucks.

Armored Core Verdict Day. I like AC, and even though it is not a big change from ACV, i would buy and play it happily, but idk if there are a lot of people playing multiplayer.

Saints Row the Third Multiplayer Pass, i like the game, but i havn’t played in forever and idk if the pass is worth it anymore what with SR4 out now.

Midnight Club LA Complete, i played LA Remix and 3 Dub both on psp, but idk if LA Complete is worth it, and how good the multiplayer system is on it either.

Your opinion, thank you!

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  1. ghosts is way better then bo2 and i have all cod games. i love saints row2 its like my fav and i havnt played the third but i bet that would be best decsion. sr is awesome (coming from a 24/7 cod player)

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