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Who can help me fix my PS3?


Ok so I was playing MW3 the other day and it locked up. None of the controller buttons would work and I had to turn it off. So I turned it off after leaving it locked up to see if it was just lag for about 20 minutes and then I turned it back on. It said “No Signal.” After doing a lot of searching I held the button until I heard the 2nd beep and reset all of the settings then reconnected to the internet. I was then downloading the DLC for MW3 and it locked up again. I then turned it off and turned it back on. Once again it said “No Signal.” Now when I try and hold it for the second beep it just sits there. It doesn’t turn off and it doesn’t beep. The only way to turn it back off is to push the button on the back of the console. I’ve unplugged the PS3, the HDMI cables, and have unplugged everything on the back of the console, then plugged them back in. I notice that when I turn it on, the system doesn’t make the normal sound it makes (a type of whooshing like when a disk is turning in a DVD player). Could the systems engine be run down? And do I need a new PS3? Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance!!

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  1. I would recommend getting it fixed professionally because trying to do it yourself might void your warranty.

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