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Who else would prefer to get a buggy Skyrim: Dawnguard for PS3 now, over a de-bugged one in September?


I have been waiting for Dawnguard for far too long, and personally, I am a game tester kind of guy, I love playing bugged out games, so who else would prefer not to wait, and just play a buggy Dawnguard? Sick of waiting myself, not even excited for it anymore.

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  1. If the PS3 Gets Dawnguard at all. There were 10 DLC released for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Of that 10 only 2 ever made it to they PS3. There is also nothing to say that if we do get Dawnguard that it won’t still be buggy in September.

  2. Not me. Ive played over 800hrs worth of Skyrim & last month i played Dragons Dogma for 3 weeks. Ok 3 wks is a bit short of 800hrs i admit, but Dragons Dogma never froze, never had an unfinishable quest because of glitches etc not even once. Never bothering with Skyrim again, let alone buying Dawnguard IF it makes it to PS3.

  3. I wouldn’t mind it Buggy too much, but the way skyrim handled w/o the patches was horrible. Betesda is just trying to avoid what happend when ppl got skyrim for ps3 at first cause of so many complaints. And oblivion only got 2 dlc because it came out way later than xb but did get the dlc that matters.

  4. Dawnguard is for sure coming out on the PS3, Bethesda said so and they are working on it ^^^

    If there were only a few minor bugs then they probably would have released it by now and just released a patch later, more than likely they came across multiple game breaking glitches that happened a lot and wanted to make sure they at least patched those up before they released it

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