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Who’s in need of a 12 month code for Xbox Live? Im looking 4 the most deserving person out there in need of 1!?


This is not a joke or a scam! Prove to me that your the most deserving of this code and I’ll give it to you. I’m sick and tired of all the scammers out there and I’m here to help someone out! This is a $59.99 value for free! I was trading it for Microsoft Points but I changed my mind after all the negative responses I read about people who criticize others just for needing a little help. If your willing to trade some points that’s fine but like I said that’s not what I’m looking for. Don’t feed me lies just to get this code allright! I’m looking for genuine honesty. There’s no survey to take or special offers to fill out, just tell me who you are and why you deserve this. Also this code is valid so don’t come back to me and say that it’s not, I’ll double check to make sure if your lying or not. I’m not rich or poor just an average fat guy working a minimum wage job. I apologize if I sound strict or angry I just don’t want to deal with any BS now or ever so good luck and may the most deserving person “Deserve” this! -[email is not allowed]

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  1. i probably don’t deserve it, but i’m gonna tell you something because i can relate to how you’re feeling. Jesus died on the cross to pay for your sins, because all he wants is for you to love him. i’m not messing with you, and i want you to take this seriously. if you pray to Jesus and tell him that you accept him as your savior, and thank him for dying on the cross for you, you will have just reserved yourself a seat in Heaven. all you gotta do is believe that Jesus died for you. I wouldn’t be telling you this if i didn’t know if it were 100% true. i hope to see you in Heaven my friend 🙂

  2. [email is not allowed]. Good way to build good karma haha u should buy lottery tickets after u give it away!.Well anyway read my last answer. I can’t really afford much of what I would like. my little cousins come over a lot too to play racing games like forza and tdu2. And my older cousins play shooters.I’ll send u a friend request and we can play mw3 together soon man! I hope u make a good pick. My gamertag is EAZY IE by the way if u wanna be friends anyway

    PEACE bro

  3. My xbox live runs out in a couple days, and yesterday was my 18th birthday. i didn’t get very many presents. im a pretty good guy, but i deserve it as much as anyone else i suppose. its your choice bud. but i sure would appreciate a late birthday present.

  4. I don’t think i “deserve” this, i don’t think anyone does, its not a life necessity lol. But it would be nice! i’m 18 years old, just moved out of the house to go to college at ucf. no job, no money and college fees just keep coming! my live ran out last month and the money i had went to text books and food. real life sucks:(

  5. i just finished school early and i got the job i was going to school for, Paramedic, and i work 24hr shifts twice or if its my rotation then three times a week. the pay is decent but since i just finished school i have student loans to pay off plus my apartment, car, insurance, cell and groceries it doesn’t really leave me with much to do what i want. the only fun i do for now is go to the movies once in a while. i used to have a subscription but i let it run out because i was in school. now that im out im hoping to get back into it because i work such long hours that after i wake up i just want to kick back, relax and play some madden or call of duty with old/new friends. im not saying that i absolutely need the code but having a little world away from all the stuff i see every shift im out there (such as dead or dying people, burnt people, broken bones, stabbings, shootings, drownings, etc. ) would be a nice thing to have right now.

    email if i get it- [email is not allowed]

  6. Hi,

    I live in a off campus apt

    we spent 600 dollars on a 1080p toshiba between the 5 of us

    this left us with no money to buy xbox live

    luckily my friend had a 1 month free card and we used that to its fullest extent

    but the sun has gone down on our xbox live and we have been left in the dark

    truthfully the dark is not so bad

    we have coined the term “pick up the sticks” which refers to the joystick on an n64 controller

    super smash bros has been our savior

    we have spend countless hours with our prized n64 controllers in our hands

    but the time is looming and cod mw3 is coming to end our dark age

    but our light will not be able to shine without your 12 month code

    be our savior just as the legendary n64 was and you will be greatly respected and praised in our record books

    godspeed good sir

    and thank you

    [email is not allowed]

  7. i didnt have xbox live for about 8 months i really miss my friends on xbox and i just got fired from my job

  8. I really dont like getting personal. I want the xbox live code, i will not give info. pick me as your victor if you wish

    Email:[email is not allowed]

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