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Why are Xbox 360 fan boys getting ps3’s and psn’s and ruining the good games?


Ok so i am playing little big planet with some friends. and like 3 Xbox fan boys come in and say Xbox live is better and they hacked into the ps3/psn game that i was playing.

I was playing Mw2 and then like 3 year olds come in and say Xbox 360 is better and start litterly crying cause the “PSN users aren’t nice and don’t kill like 360 live users”

I was playing Bad company 1 online and they were saying that Psn is getting a 0 out of 5 rating for quality.

Why are the nub-nubs ruining our games?!

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  1. ok , they can’t hack psn and use it from an xbox 360 so obviously they were playing the same game on a ps3. next time just say if the ps3 is so bad why are you playing games on one , then ignore the idiots and if you see their psn ID go into people met list and block them. they’re typical bullies , they’re jealous and insecure so put down stuff to feel better , if anything you should tell them you feel sorry for then not having a life.

    seriously , if it’s so bad why are they buying a ps3 for?

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