Home Xbox Forum why cant i see DVD movie on my Xbox 360 any more?

why cant i see DVD movie on my Xbox 360 any more?


it was working just fine yesterday but today i inserted a DVD movie and it played for a second or two then something came out that said a required storage device has been removed. your console will now restart. then i restart the darn thing and there it goes again with the same problem. i have never used a storage device and idk what it is. again it worked fine yesterday. i deleted some stuff to see if it worked but the same thing happened. so please tell how to fix it.

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  1. Ok it must be a default in the updates therefore i suggest downgrading and updating follow these steps

    1. Go to your Xbox dashboard

    2. Go under the “My Xbox” tab

    3. Go to the last button on the list (System Settings)

    4. Click “Memory”

    5. Press Y to open up the HDD details

    6. Press X,X,LB,RB,X,X

    7. Click “Yes”

    8. Wait for it to downgrade

    9. All updates are removed! 🙂

    to upgrade sign in online and the update should pop up


    Try it it can help

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