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Why did playstation owners hate the xbox?


when it first came out, Playstation owners immediately hated it. Why? My little brother goes on and on about how he hates xbox. Instead of, you know, having a life. Why hate on a video game console, you do the same thing anyways. You sit in front of the tv and do little progress in life.
I mean the original xbox.

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  1. xbox is better and by the time play station owners realize that it’s too late for them to get their money back

  2. Honestly who cares both systems are cool i play my friends xbox. And i have a ps3 whp fudging gives a dump tell your brother to be quite and go play people who sit there and argue are idiots


  3. i’m one of those people who hates the xbox.but i have a reasonable purpose for hating the system and the creation of the system. playstation was,still is,and always will be my favorite system. microsoft mogul bill gates,at the time,was already inconceivably wealthy beyond measure.i mean really, c’mon,you already have $50 BILLION DOLLARS! did he and his team really need to invent a videogame console? most people who like xbox,only like it for the graphics,not the gameplay. lets just be honest ok. metal gear solid is the greatest game of all time(maybe just my opinion};but 10’s of millions of people are on my side. halo sucked! it’s graphics in my opinion were mediocre at best,and people were saying killzone was nothing compared to halo. i played halo,halo2,halo reach,and another version which i can’t remember the name. all of them were way too hard for me ( the occasional player),this in turn made them boring. metal gear however ,it too was challenging,but atleast it was manageable without me having to be some kind of 10th degree grandmaster gamer! i hate xbox because xbox caused all other games on all other systems to follow in it’s footsteps thus creating a miasma for anyone who was used to just playing games for the sake of having fun! haven’t you noticed how everything on television seems to all of the sudden be linked to videogames somehow? it’s a bit creepy. before xbox, videogames were exactly that-GAMES! now they are exclusively for hard core gaming fanatics,and that sh*t aint’ fair!

  4. Edit: The original Xbox wasn’t hated, i just failed to attract the hardcore gamers because the only good exclusive game Microsoft had back then was Halo (not joking). most people called it the “halo-box” for this reason.
    Okay first things first, plenty of productive human beings find a hobby in playing video games.

    Secondly, the reason most people hated the xbox 360 when it was released it because Microsoft rushed out a faulty console to fill their pockets. Its faulty design made it overheat and consoles got the “red ring of death” just months after purchase, and sometimes sooner.

  5. i dont HATE the xbox, i just dont prefer it because i dont like the exclusive games, i only like gears of war and left 4 dead, also no blue ray feature which means more discs for a game like deadspace and i wouldnt want to pay for online. other than that, i got nothing on the xbox.

  6. And that, My dear friend.are people who called “fanboys”.

    Even some Xbox owners hate PS3, And Wii fanboys are also annoying.

    Not every gamer does little progress in life lol, What are you talking about?

    Being a gamer =/= having no life, I used to be an Xbox owner but i got a PS3 since it had all exclusives i was eager to play, Then my Xbox got rotten and i ignored it since most games are on both consoles, Then i exchanged my Xbox for a Wii since most of it’s games are exclusives.

    There is no such thing as “Best console”, It’s all about exclusives.

    Edit:Oh my bad, The original Xbox? I don’t know but PS2 dominated the market and most people overlooked the Xbox/Dreamcast (GC was kinda popular), Great consoles.

    But PS2 had many 3rd party titles and it had a big hype.

  7. People usually grew up with that, usually younger kids who haven’t played really great consoles. It’s something there used to and they don’t like competition.

  8. 1. Better graphics

    2. Blu-Ray means 50gb on disks. 8gb on xbox 360

    3. Better exclusives

    4. No power pack! Unlike the brick that comes with the xbox

    5. 3% fail rate for first year. 360= 7%

    6. Better CPU, GPU and more RAM

    Xbox doesnt stand a chance.

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