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why do i dislike buying preowned games on ps3 even though they’re cheaper and are the same as brand new games?


i always dislike buying pre-owned stuff, even if it is dvd’s or mobile phones.

i never like buying pre-owned ps3 games but i dont have enough cash so i am confined to buying pre-owned games.

is there any difference between brand new ps3 games and pre-owned games?

how can i get rid off the dislike of buying pre-owned ps3 games?

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  1. me too.i try to get things brand new.cuz i want a shiney new game that no one touched.not a game that has pass down by like 5 people lol.also i am afraid of the disc failing on me.but i buy used games now for my ps2 and original xbox and gamecube and i regret not buying used game earlier.there is really no differnece between used and new. and even if it breaks,the store would replace it for u.

  2. Most of my PS3 games are pre-owned and none of the discs have been scratched the only thing on the disc is usually finger marks which I clean the disc. I don’t care if I buy games new or pre-owned it depends on the price and if it’s cheaper I’ll buy it.

  3. Maybe a counselor would help. Just kiddin, but if the disc works well, there is absolutely no difference. I can understand disliking pre-owned mobiles and stuff cause you want it shiny and new, but PS3 games aren’t meant to be flaunted. If they work, then there is no difference. Just look out for scratches and stuff.

  4. well there probably won’t be a way for you to absolutely love them but if you like new alot try to get those deals off of gamestop.com to cut costs of brand new games

  5. I always buy used games and at first I didn’t like it cause I thought they would be messed up but not one has been messed up. The only difference between the new and the used games is that the new games have plastic on the box.

  6. PS3 discs are different than the discs of other systems. Blu-ray discs are almost unscratchable. I worked at Gamestop for a year and a half and when accepting PS3 discs in trade I never saw one scratch. If it were Wii or 360 games, I wouldn’t blame you for being hesitant because they do scratch. But used PS3 discs are just as good as new ones.

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