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Why does my PS3 move by itself?


There is something wrong with my PS3. It keeps moving down like i am moving with the left analog stick. Even though the controller is off? And when it’s on all buttons function but i can’t move against the force. I am 100% asured that it is NOT my controller. Please help me because i can’t play any game at all with this problem. It randomly occured. The ps3 is used for about a year by another owner which took care of it REALLY good. And i never hit or touched my ps3 in a hard way. In total it is probably 2 years old which is way to early for it to be broken

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  1. Right off the rip I would say your controller is damaged. I would get another one, or maybe borrow a friends to see if it stops. If it does, just go buy yourself a new one and keep that one as back up of toss it altogether.

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