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Why dont the fans on my ps3 rev up when i turn it on?


I thought they were supposed to rev up. The fans are working though. I just bought it

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  1. Chances are your hard drive has corrupt sectors. This could be a potential reason for your problem.

    The PS3 fan’s are fairly quiet so it may be hard to hear it. Try to put your ps3 in a room without ambient sounds and when you start it up you should be able to hear the fan, if you don’t hear it spin rapidly for the first second you start it up then you can do the following:

    – Call Sony and ask for support. This problem could harm your system after prolonged play.

    – Place your hands or paper near the vents to see if air is flowing through your PS3.

    These are possible ways you could fix the problem and i hope this helps you. Goodluck =]

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