Home Playstation Forum Why won’t my PS3 play my PS2 games?

Why won’t my PS3 play my PS2 games?


I went to play my PS2 game on my PS3 after I downloaded an update for the PS3, now I can’t play my PS2 games. What do I need to do?

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  1. there are only 3 systems that play ps2 games. 80GB mod# CECHE01,60GB mod#CECHA01and 20GB mod#CECHB01

  2. Some games are just to out dated to be played by the ps3, say if they have a newer version of that game maybe, or just place it on a ps2

  3. Is it a PS3 slim? The PS3 slim isn’t backwards compatiable with PS2 games. It sucks, we all hate it, but what can ya do?

  4. because only 25% of ps3s were ment for backwards compatibility

    the uptdate must have disabled it

    sucks for you

  5. i heard that the newer PS3s dont have the backward combatability but if it stopped playing PS2 games after you updated it then.

    i dunno the update stops it from playing PS2 games.

    you could probably try downdating it maybe that could work

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