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Why would someone buy the Blu-ray remote control instead of using the regular controller for PS3 bluray movies


Why would you use this thing instead of the regular controller?

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  1. More features and easier to use. You bump the controller and it ends up skipping a chapter or fast forwarding if you hit the stick. Also, it doesn’t drain the controller battery. That’s one thing they should include in a future firmware update and that’s to power down the controller when watching movies if it sits idle for x number of minutes.

  2. Although it doesn’t offer anything that the regular controller and menu don’t offer (except eject?), the remote does allow you to do it at the touch of one button, instead of pressing triangle, then selecting the option from the menu.

    Since it is just a transmitter, it only sends a signal when you press a button, rather than being powered on all the time, so it has a battery life of months rather than hours.

  3. more convenient.you have actual PLAY, PAUSE, STOP, SKIP etc etc etc buttons.i find using the playstation controls to control DVDs a pain. why do you care anywyas?

  4. i have an axbox 360 and i bought a remote to use media center instead of using the controller. its easier to rewind, ff, play and pause using a remote to me personally.

  5. it has things like number buttons which can be helpful when trying to locate specific scenes. its also slightly quicker and easier to navigate with a remote controller. you wont have to check with the screen to make sure youre fast fowarding instead of skipping chapters. etc etc

  6. the remote has clearly defined function buttons for controlling blu-rays, dvds, cds, and any other media you have on your ps3. Rather trying to figure out what button does what on the controller, the remote is much more functional. But it is not a necessity, just a convience.

    plus sony wants more of your money, as if they didnt have enough.

  7. Only because they’re used to it.

    It can’t do anything the regular controller can’t do, particularly with either triangle or select. But keep in mind a lot of people never learned how to program a vcr, and there’s people who wouldn’t want to learn something new just so they could watch HD movies.

    Before HD-DVD died, I guess Sony was afraid people would say, “I don’t want to learn how to use this crazy controller thing. Give me the one with a remote.” It’s a moot point now but they already introduced the remote so they may as well keep selling it.

    There was a remote for ps2 also, however its default controller wasn’t wireless so there was good reason for it.

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