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Will Hitman: Absolution be available for the Playstation Vita?!?


I’ve tried looking everywhere online but hardly anyone has made threads or posts about it? There is only one forum from about a year ago linking you to a Spanish website but i have no idea what it says.

I think i’m getting a PlayStation Vita for Christmas, and have been looking at the different games for it.

But will i be able to get Hitman for it?

I love Blood Money for the playstation 2, i wondered if i’d be able to get it from, i think it’s called playstation store or network? I’m new to the modern playstations haha, i will rate whoever gives me the correct and full informational answer!

Thankyouu :)xx

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  1. It might be too much to have the game on the PS Vita but I’m sure they will work on a Hitman game for, I mean they did Burnout Legends and Uncharted: Golden Abyss if you see where I’m coming from.

    They are from series which were only made for the Psp and PS Vita, so game company’s are always looking to give the PS Vita owners something good as well.

  2. There are no plans to release Hitman for the Vita yet but they might build a version later on for the Vita but it may not be the exact same story, like how Ubisoft is building Assassins Creed Liberations for the Vita and how it features a female protagonist and takes place in France( I think). Why don’t you play AC:Liberations instead I mean AC is a great franchise,right?

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