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Will I be able to Pre-Load upcoming games? Or will i have to wait till the moment when they release?(PS3)?


So the holiday seasons are coming up and so are the games. There’s a few games i would like to order digitally (Far Cry 4 and CoD:AW) I’ve heard of this thing called pre-loading which basically means you can download the game before it comes out so you’re ready to play it the moment the clock strikes 12.(or at least i think)

My question is do these games support this and if so when can I download them?

I’m old fashioned and have never downloaded a game digitally:p so this is new to me

Can someone plz explain?

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  1. Some games will have preload and some won’t , it depends on the game and what the developers want to do

    you can see if the game preloads when you pre order because it will show the date it will be available and if that date is before the release date it preloads

    some game pre loads unlock at midnight PST but some don’t unlock until 10am on release day , a game I pre ordered couple of months ago had that 10 am time

    if the game pre loads you can go into your account management and set them to auto download if you have psn+ so you just sit back and wait and when its ready it downloads even if you are not home ( provided you are not using the ps3 already online or playing a game offline )

    pre loads usually happen 2 days before the game comes out.

    I am waiting for shadow of mordor ps3 to pre load but that’s not until nov. 16th for a nov 18th release

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