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Will I ever be able to play the ps1 metal gear solid on my ps3?


I need to play that game again, trouble is all I have now is a ps3 slim. Has konami released a version that works on ps3 yet? If not is there a way to play it on ps2 slim?

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  1. Yes, all PS3 slims can run PS1 games as far as I know, at least you won’t have troubble with MGS1. Good luck.

  2. most ps1 games are available for dl on the internet, you can just throw it on a flash drive and enjoy.

  3. I’m pretty sure you can download the game off the PS store and if i remember correctly all ps1 games play on any ps3 no matter what model

  4. All PS1 games are playable on the all PS3 models! Click the link to check PS1 game compatibility with the PS3!

  5. it’s easy , just buy the game on a ps1 disc and it plays on either ps2 or ps3. or download the game from the ps1 classics section of the playstation store

    it’s been available to download for 2 years on the ps3 , but it’s not an hD remake

    they are releasing a ps3 diac containing HD remakes of mgs2 and 3 soon but not the first game because it’s basically impossible to simply upscale a ps1 title to HD and they’d have to remake the enrtire game in ps3 code so since it’s already available to download why bother

  6. Yes you can play ps1 games in your ps3. Some Metal Gear Solid remake in HD

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