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Will Microsoft fix my XBOX 360 for free?


My XBOX began braking down about 2 months ago. I fixed it(maybe temporarily) by doing the overheat method where u wrap towels around it. I have done it twice now but i have a feeling it will keep eventually braking. I want to know if I send it in will they fix my 360 for free. I have had my XBOX for about 2 years now and have sent it in twice, both times they have fixed for free.

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  1. Depends on what is wrong with it. SOME issues are warranty covered (Red Rings) where others are not (Video issues resulting from the exact same problem that causes RRoD) Its best to just call Microsoft’s customer support 1-800-4MY-XBOX & explain to the CSR what issue you’re having. They will tell you if its covered under warranty or what you’d have to pay to get it fixed. (Have your console near-by when you call)

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