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Will PS2 system data work for my ps3?


I have an Slim PS3 120gb and I want to know if the PS2 System Data works for my slim PS3?. Also if anybody can give me a list or a link that shows which ps2 games will work that will be awesome! I just really want to play Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 and DragonBallZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3. I just want to know if those games will work. Thanks

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  1. No, it won’t work, and there are zero PS2 games compatible with your system.

    If you would read the description, it specifically tells you it is only compatible with CECHA01, CECHB01, and CECHE01 models (which are the 60GB, 20GB, and Limited Edition 80GB MotorStorm and MGS4 Bundle backward compatible PS3s).

    Not only that, but the PS2 System Data allows games that require an HDD (specifically Final Fantasy XI) to play on the backward compatible PS3s.

    The PS2 System Data has nothing to do with backward compatibility, and does nothing for other PS3 models other than take up space.

  2. No. The only way for system data from any Playstation 2 game to work on a Playstation 3 is to have an original launch era Playstation 3 20gig or 60gig Backward Compatiable System. Even generation 2 Playstation 3 60gig or first version of 80gig Playstation 3. Which are backward compatible PS3 systems. but these are emulation software type of BC/PS2 which does not include the system data drivers like the launch PS3 20 & 60 gigers which used hardware BC/PS2 chips and data drivers with the Emotion engine chip built in. The 2nd gen PS3 did not even though they were backward compatible with PS2 games.

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