Home Playstation Forum will sony fix my ps3 if dropped?

will sony fix my ps3 if dropped?


i have a ps3 slim and it got dropped it turns on but nothing show up on screen , the controller doesnt connect, my game got out but the cd drive was making weird noises,and the only way u can turn it off is by unplugging it. will sony cover this if i send it in and pay 100? i dont have warranty anymore 🙁

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  1. Without a warranty, Nothing is possible

    Don’t go to Sony, go to some other place like a electronics repairing shop

  2. Yes they will fix it and the current rate is $100 I just got mine fixed after dropping it on a tile floor.

  3. You have a console worth $100 of your money left!

    Yes they are supposed to fix it anyway, if they some how are not bale to do that, they might sometime send you a refurbished!

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