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Will there be Kingdom Hearts For The PS3?



  1. Square Enix seems to believe, Kingdom Hearts Series is aim for a younger audience. which is what Nintendo Wii is based on. while the audience on PS3 and 360 tends to be older. which Square fears wouldn’t sell as well on those consoles compare to Nintendo consoles.

    I think Kingdom Hearts 3 might come to Wii U and probably ported to PS3

  2. Unlikely. There’s currently two Kingdom Hearts games on the making. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, which will be released for the Nintendo 3DS next March, and Kingdom Hears III, which has no release date. In fact, nothing is known about the game, except it’s supposed to be released on a “large console” rather than on handheld (like Coded, 358/2 Days and BBS). At one point many gaming magazines speculated it would be released for the PS3, the Xbox 360 or the Wii, but at this point it’s more than likely it’ll be released for a next-generation console.

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