Home Playstation Forum Will this skin also fit my PS3 slim?

Will this skin also fit my PS3 slim?


[url is not allowed]

This is a skin for PS3. Will this also fit my PS3 slim?

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  1. yes , just specify you want the ps3 slim version

    it’ll be the second one in the photo with the black area on top , the first one that’s full coverage and says playstation 3 in the middle is for the fat ps3

    just so you know , those skins will start peeling up in a few months and not stick flat to the console , and if you try removing it you’ll have a ton of glue left on the ps3 afterwards , I had one and after a few months it looked terrible from not being stuck on all the way , and even worse after I tried taking it off

    for my second ps3 I bought a custom skin at hotps3skins.com , google custom ps3 skins for other sites

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