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worth xbox 360 still?


i have waited almost a year looking for a good xbox 360 deal.i havent found the one i want yet (just a real good one) and am wondering what to do.im working this summer.i will get paid.should i get the elite or premium (i dont have hd tv).and my other? is is it still worth getting one then or will the price for the normal premium drop anytime soon.cuz if it is i will just get that.so thanks for you info and if you know a place where there is a real good deal right now please tell me that to.thank you

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  1. elite and premimum are pretty much the same thing except for elite is black

    id go with the elite and buy xbox live too

    it makes the xbox expirance alot better

  2. MS hasn’t said anything about a price drop for any of the consoles yet, and its doubtful they will anytime soon considering what they priced the elite console at (which is frustrating since in past console generations prices would have dropped by now). As for which console to buy, it depends on your tastes. The question you have to ask yourself is do you want a 120 GB HDD and a black console, or a 20 GB HDD and a white console? Since you don’t have an HDTV the HDMI output doesn’t matter. If you don’t plan to download a lot off of Xbox Live, then the 20 GB drive will probably suffice. However, if you plan to use the movie/TV service, keep downloaded demos, etc., then the 120 GB drive is worth the extra money since you’d eventually end up spending more than what the elite costs to upgrade the 20 GB drive to the 120 GB drive.

    However, if you aren’t dying to get a 360 now, you may want to hold off until Microsoft starts shipping its consoles using the 65nm processors instead of the current 90nm processors which are believed to be prone to overheating (a change which should come by the end of year, and perhaps by then a price drop as well).

  3. ok. what are you going to use it for? are you going to just play games? dont worry about the elite. if you are into the whole xbox live experience then think about this: they offer movies for download, tons of games for downloads, demos, trailers, tv shows.tons of stuff. there is new stuff every day. if you are going to be downloading all these movies and keeping them, you are going to want the elite. if you dont plan on doing that, the smaller hard drive will be plenty of room. i have the smaller one and it has more than enough room for me and i do actually download just about everything except full length movies from xbox live. hope that helps.

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