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X box 360 wireless controller problem!!?


ok i didnt play my xbox 360 for a while.but nw i am playing it and i hav 3 wireless controllers and one wired.before i just used to turn on the console.and then press the big ‘x’ button on the wireless ones.greenlights used to mve arnd it and it worked.but now i press tht x button but the lites only keep movin they dont settle down.and it does not work!!hellpp!!pllss.thnk u in advance.

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  1. There is a small white button on the console and on the front of the wireless controller (where the Play and Charge cable can plug in).

    Those are Sync buttons.

    Press the console’s sync button until the ring of light spins. Then press the Controller’s sync button.

    After a short while, the controller will be able to connect again.

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