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Xbox 360 Bundle question?


I don’t like the Holiday bundle with Kungfu Panda and Lego Indy. When are they coming out with another bundle with different games? Will it be until next year because I can’t wait that long. In 2007, did they make a bundle after the Holiday bundle?
Wow, there’s so many stupid people here

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  1. contrary to what some uneducated answers have indicated

    1. it’s not wise to buy and sell the games, especially at gamestop where you’ll get like nothing

    2. they actually have sold pretty decently and have received good reviews. they were chosen cause they’re suitable for all audiences and are can be entertaining

    3. you actually get the games, they’re not on your harddrive

    to answer your question though, i don’t think it’s indicated when the next bundle is coming out

  2. It doesn’t actually come with the games, they are just on the harddrive (sorry if I’m wrong). So if you don’t like them, delete them, and buy a new game.

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