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xbox 360 disk tray help?


For some reason my disc tray had always been a little wierd, like having to keep pressing open to get it open every now and then, a couple of days ago it completely just jammed i did a trick to get it open and it’ll play the games but im getting sick because it takes forever, i took it apart breaking the seals even though my xbox has no warrenty anymore and tried the rubberband trick, cleaning it, and the tape,

the problem im having is if i click open it will move like 3 cm then stop and if i push it its hard as hell to pull and push back in, it will move three centimeters then stop so if anyone has advice please help me out

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  1. Yeah. the same thing happened to me. First of all, have it on its side, horizontally, not vertically. That helped me open it sometimes. But to fix the long term problem, when i sent it in for the red ring, i got it back good as new, and the disc tray has been fine ever since. So, if i were you, i would try to somehow purposely get the red ring. Its worth the roughly two week wait.

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