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Xbox 360 Elite?


What is the new Xbox 360 elite like? Is it any good? Or should I just stick with my original Xbox 360?

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  1. The biggest difference is the bigger memory. If you need more memery then just go buy the 120gig hard drive. You don’t need the whole system. Unless you want to use HDMI and you want a black 360 instead of white.

  2. The Xbox 360 Elite had a 120GB hardrive, HDMI and A sleek black finish. Also its does not crash as much and is quieter. I would not upgrade if i was you, there are face plates for a new look and you can by a new hardrive for your 360. The bigger hardrive will be especially usefull when the Video Marketplace comes to Europe. I personally would stick to your current 360, if it breaks get a Elite.

  3. it really depends on how big on gaming you are. if you just like to play games then no, theres no reason to upgrade. but if your really big into it and need that extra 100 gig, then yes upgrade.

  4. honestly if you have already paid the 400 dollars like i did for the 360 there is no reason to upgrade to the elite. Its just a waste of more money and there really isn’t much of a difference. Stay with the regular 360 and it won’t do you wrong, but getting a new one.its nowhere near worth it

  5. ok if you already have any xbox, then no its not worth it you can just purchase a larger hard drive. if you do not have a 360, get the elite.

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