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Hey I got an xbox 360 emulator on my pic but it says “save activation file in your xBx360 directory”

How do I access the directory? How do I finish of this last step? Thanks!!

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  1. [url is not allowed] is the only real xbox360 emulator. all others are fakes. (you have to build a.exe from the source code yourself. you can not download a.exe anywhere that is legit. use microsoft visual studio, open and build the project file)

    It can only play like frogger 2 and thats it. its runs slow with lots of bugs.

    There arnt many working on the project, so its not moving very quickly in development.

    And sorry to say even when it hits a point where its capable of playing commercial games at full speed, i highly doubt your pc will be capable of it. (as its likely going to need something like an i5-4690k/i7-4790K overclocked pretty high)

  2. Just because I want to see if I can just play it off my Xbox 360 game on my pc.

    I found an emulator but there legitimately is no real emulator? Just all out of curiosity

  3. There s no such thing as a working Xbox 360 emulator.

    They want you to get the activation file by filling out surveys. There s no payoff to you, but they get cash for getting people to fill out surveys.

  4. Get a cheap 360, xenia is the only emu but it doesn’t really work well.

    Like someone said above its slow moving.

    360’s are as low as $50-75 on ebay now that everybody wants to cash in for a xbox1.

    So, yeah

    Games are cheap too, lots of games that cost 60 each can be found 3 for 10 at gamestop or ebay, like trilogys.

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