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xbox 360 hard drive mod.?


I have heard of people changing the hard drive on their xbox 360’s i don’t know if this is true or not. It seems possible, since it uses an ordinary 2.5inch hard drive which are probably available at computer shops, right?

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  1. its possible to do, but you have to take apart the system to do so, and solder parts together. doing this does invalidate any service options you might have purchased with the system, and any incorrect steps or wrong doing can leave the system to no longer be able to turn on and/or run correctly/at all. in that case, you have a huge doorstop, and it can’t be repaired because you tried modifying it. if you’re still curious by this point, check the address below. my original xbox has been modded, but the hard drive is still the original. i did not perform the steps to do so, however.

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