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xbox 360: HDMI vs Component?


ok so i have a 720p Samsung HDTV that is 50in. I am using the component cables right now. If i use the HDMI will there be any noticeable difference?

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  1. Because you only have a 720p TV, HDMI cables will not help you as far as resolution is concerned, because it will still only output 720p, the same as the component cables.

    The only difference the HDMI cable will give you is you can get Dolby Digital through the cables. If you don’t have a surround sound system, then the cable will not help you. If you have a surround sound system, but the AV receiver doesn’t have an HDMI input, then it still won’t help you.

    Basically, unless you get a 1080p TV, the HDMI cable is not going to help you (video wise).

  2. I believe hdmi is for 1080 p but it may work for 720p. I like the p better than the other because all the lines show up at the same time. There is no line line line line line. I may be wrong.


    YES there WILL be a difference especially with the quality, everything is more crisp and brighter.

  4. Since it’s only 720p you won’t see a difference. If you can find a cheap HDMI cable it wouldn’t hurt to get it because one cable is more simple then 5.

  5. No, even though the HDMI cable will be better, the TV only has 720p, so you should not notice a difference.

    Plus, make sure your xbox even supports 1080p if you ever want to go all out, and that it is not 1080i. I do not remember if they upscaled to the 1080p support yet or if that is soon. if it is 1080i, it is close enough to the 720p, so just either do the high def component, or if you really want to, go get the HDMI if you ever want to go all out.

    I am assuming that by component you were talking about the red green blue ones, and not the standard red white and yellow. If you are using red white and yellow, then yeah, go get the HDMI if you do not have the HD component.

  6. You will probably never notice a difference but the benefits of HDMI is that It will deliver a digital image without going through a process of conversion from analog to digital. Also your audio to the tv should improve slightly.

  7. the picture won’t change much, you won’t notice any difference

    but as they already said, the audio is what you should be worried about, if its a big deal to you the HDMI would help the sound but the picture won’t be noticeably better

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