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Xbox 360 help please?


Hi 🙂

I’m playing on my brothers xbox, and I remember him downloading a game from the marketplace years ago. This game is an expansion to the original, and requires the original game’s disk to play it.

I thought the game was really fun and stuff, so today I put that the disk in and it is only the original? Not with the expansion pack.

I checked the hard drive and the game is saved on there, I honestly don’t know why it won’t load with the original. Even the old saves and other dlc is there, I dont get why it won’t show up.

The game in question is samurai warriors 2 xtreme legends by the way.

The only thing I can think of is maybe my brother got a new xbox and is using the old ones hard drive? would you need to do something extra here to get the stuff to show up?

Help please, I dont know alot about xbox 360s looool


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  1. If it was DLC and he moved to another 360 after that, he will need to do a license transfer for other profiles on his 360 to use it. The license is still on the previous console.

  2. Try going to the marketplace and re-downloading the expansion pack. It will be free since he already paid for it years ago.

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