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xbox 360 help/red ring?


okay so my xbox red ringed and i know that i have to get a new one because it is broken beyond repair it was two years old and need to be replaced anyway but i have a hard drive and a memory card with alot of down loadable content not to mention an extensive library of over 30 games and a pretty high gamer score and multiple profiles will these transfer over to a new xbox or will i have to start everything all over! thanks

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  1. well ig u have ur accoung or ur hardrive yes.like i take my 150 hardrive to my friends house n i can log in to my * from his xbox.is all in the hard drive

  2. Just keep the hard drive and memory card. When you buy a new xbox just put them on the new console.

    There are also many way to fix the RROD. Heres one site that helped me.

    [url is not allowed]

  3. It is all safe in the HDD, not inside the XBOX (your console can be repaired, you know?).Just remove the HDD and put it on the new unit, and all your savegames will be there.

  4. If the 360 just got a RROD over time, then there is about a 100% chance that it is fixable.

    If you don’t feel comfortable fixing it yourself, we can diagnose it for free, and fix it for you for $40, which is our promotional price for the holidays.

    Check us out

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  5. everything is on your hard drive and memory card so no. you can get a new console and everything will stay the same. i suggest getting an arcade version since you already have the hard drive and wireless controller but be aware that an arcade version does not support hdmi.

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